Why Should You Date a Male Nurse?

Don’t you ever wonder why people try to date those who are in the medical field of work? Have you ever asked yourself, “why do they pursue the nurses? The doctors?” Even when they know that they’re so busy with countless shifts from morning to night? There are careers and professions out there that serve as “gold” in the dating world, but a few can compete with nursing. Dating a female and even a male nurse is considered a lottery. Sure, it might not be the “getting rich” type of winning, but there are myriads of bonuses and perks on dating nurses, and here are the reasons why!

Nurses are patient.

One of the essential things nurses have probably learned is mastering the art of patience. There is no point in denying that nurses have a good temperament. They know that things can unfold in their own time and phase. They try to view what is happening entirely. They don’t act rashly, don’t jump to conclusions, and don’t just get reckless— it is necessary for them, of course, since they’re dealing with lives every day. The same mentality applies to their life at home and even their relationships.

They’re naturally caring and compassionate.

It’s probably the most obvious answer— nurses are natural caretakers, and no, it’s not derogatory. At the core, they are naturally caring almost in all aspects. I’m pretty sure they didn’t go through the long practice of nursing just for games— they want to help and save people, and that’s a great deal for a person.

Since they’re nurturing, they will always remind you to take care of yourself, even if it’s just a scraped knee. Some might even perform a full assessment when you’re feeling a little down to make sure you’re well, and we might not need to go to the doctor when our head hurts because when it’s the nurses, it’s a guarantee that they’ll give you a little extra dose of your daily check-ups, it’s all or nothing to them.

Nurses are always the bigger person.

When your job is to deal with literally a life and death situation daily, you tend to be a bit tougher than usual. They rationally think, and they don’t fuss about every small thing from time to time because they somehow manage to be the bigger person in most situations and events. Nurses are probably hard to stress out with life dramas because they deal with stress almost every day.

They have composure. And since nurses have already seen all the types of things starting from body shapes and sizes, bodily fluids, and even witness how the organs function— your insecurities and body flaws will be likely to leave them unfazed. Most of the time, they will help you overcome your fears, and they’ll help you learn how to accept and love yourself. They’ll be able to tell you that some things in a human body are considered normal.

Having a mature partner who doesn’t crack with every little problem that comes along the way and a person who’ll help you grow is irreplaceable.


Nurses work for an extended amount of hours, and they are dealing with different types of people and cases every day. Their job requires a tremendous amount of effort, and we couldn’t even imagine how a simple utterance of the word ‘thanks’ can make their day memorable. Even buying coffee for them means a lot already, and their job taught them to be so appreciative about all the little things they could get.

A free time or a day off means the world to them as well. Nurses aren’t one of the high maintenance types of partners. Little things might mean so much to them, they aren’t hard to please, and they would even prefer to stay at the house and do small things together. It includes watching movies, cuddling, and even sitting on the bed while telling tales about how both of your days went. You might even get to hear the gist of medical dramas going on as well.

They are mindful and attentive.

Being attentive and mindful in a relationship is something not others are always giving. As a nurse, being aware and alert is something that you should have within your job line, and because of that, they tend to carry it within their daily lives. Because they are mindful and attentive, they are aware of the moments’ flow, including the thoughts, gestures, and conditions of a person. It will be easier for them to know if something is wrong, and they know how to think before they react, which help them assess things without being biased. You can’t escape a nurse’s observation because to them; greater awareness means lesser distraction and mistakes.

They are both communicators and listeners.

Nurses are good communicators because it helps them connect with their patients for a more fruitful treatment— which means that they know when and how to be transparent with what they want, their opinions, and their emotions. If they’re transparent with you, you should reciprocate it because clear communication makes a relationship healthy and working— it also means fewer worries and miscommunication issues.

They’re also good at listening. Nurses are indeed a great listener because they use that skill in their line of work to understand their patients more. It goes the same with dating them. They’ll be able to understand you if you’re vocal, and they’ll be able to know what they should do because they’re listening. They will remember the smallest details you told them because aside from listening, they’re also good at focusing.

They’re empathetic.

Nurses are empathetic. Empathy is crucial to them because it helps them connect with those in their care by seeing things in a different light and perspective. They tend to put themselves in the shoe of other people. They can calm patients, ease their pain and lessen their burdens through simple changes, talks, and gestures— and it also makes them selfless.