Stats and Ideas Where to Find Love

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage.

Finding love was never easy, let’s admit that. Because in the first place, genuine love won’t appear in front of you when you blink. It’s not something you can search and order, and true love can feel so amazing once you’ve seen it.

If we base on society’s standards and ideas, there will be confusion. Jumping from one statistic and research to another can be draining but helpful. An example of a statistic that we can base on is men fall in love faster than women.

But speaking for a modern era, statistics isn’t that much of a deal when you’re searching for love. Nowadays, it’s not just about your colleague, your childhood sweetheart, or your friend. You can also find love one click away from you on your devices and computers.

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At this point, the internet vastly expanded to different branches of social media and sites. Dating apps and websites happened too. Now it’s easy for an American teenager to love someone from the UK. If they connect, chat, and call? Love can form instantly.

Today’s generation is desperately looking for love, soulmates, and affection. Love searching became less genuine nowadays due to the explosion of different dating sites and apps. The recipe for true love and romance has definitely gone haywire.

But since the pandemic started, let’s all admit that we’re all going through a tough time. Our mental state and emotional status aren’t healthy, and it’s normal to find something for ourselves. Most of us are searching for the love we think we deserve, someone who’ll be there for us.

If you’re one of those people who searches for love, here are some ideas and statistics as to where you can find one.

40% of Americans uses online dating:

Like what we have stated earlier, it’s not hard to find things on the internet nowadays. Everything is there for you in one click and search. Statistics said that 40million Americans are using online dating apps and sites of different ages and genders. It’s most likely due to the influx of apps on smartphones and other devices as well.

Men use online dating more than women:

Men make up 52.4% of online dating users, compared to 47.6% who are women. Although this will vary from one country to another, most likely, it’s true. Users have influx because nowadays, it is tough to go out to interact and meet new people.

Where to find a potential love partner?

Simple and easy as one two three, internet. Aside from confessing your love to your best friend, neighbor, or co-worker? You can meet up with people online—some people in a long-term relationship that met online. 

Although most of them don’t end up together, due to this ghosting phase? It’s still worth the try. Although you have to be utterly careful with the people you talk to and meet right after.

Some people lie their way in a relationship, and that also happens in dating profiles. Some use other people’s photos, lie about their age and job- that’s one risk that you have to know in online dating. Another thing is the location, and that matters the most to some.

If you’re considering going severe with this finding love schedule, you should consider their location. Not everyone is a fan of a long-distance relationship, and not everyone can handle tremendous time differences. 

When you’re trying to find love?

In finding true love, one should always consider the personality of the person. There should always be “who” to love, “when” to love, and not just “where” to find love. If you blindly search for it, you might regret it forever.

It’s better to know the person by heart, although love is a trial and error too before you find the right match. But the connection is vital, along with transparency. Those two can give a foundation for an emotional bond that can guide you to something new.

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Sure, you can find love on the internet, but you have to make sure that what you’ll have? It’s something that you truly want and deserve. To find love, too, you shouldn’t follow the norms and stigmas of society.

You have to balance out your mind and heart to be both safe and happy. Love, a genuine one, can make you feel thousands of emotions in one go. It may be hard to find, but once you have it, it’ll be worth all the struggles. 

Searching for love must mean that you’re all set and ready for what you’ll face. There will be rejections, pain, tears, and some mixed signals too! But make sure that you’re set for whatever it is that you’ll pass by before you get the love you’re looking for. Something hard to get can be a treasure in the end. Something done impulsively can have regrets by the time you have it.

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And when you finally get to meet the love of your life, I hope you’ll grow. Not just as partners but also individually because true love will make you glow and be healthy. You’ll soon know the ideas of compromising and sacrificing. By then, it will be tough. But that’s the beauty of a relationship that faced struggles.

They’ll grow stronger and wiser as time passes by that they’re together. The ideas of where to find love will be there, but it’s essential to pay attention to other things as well. There will be millions of people to meet as you grow up. There’s no harm in taking small steps for you to observe, grow, and not fall and break.

Beautiful things are made and created carefully through time. Love is one of those, and sometimes? If one waits patiently, they’ll save themselves from the troubles of being hurt and roaming around aimlessly. Patience can also be love.