7 Signs Of An Unfaithful Man

Want to know a quick and easy way to learn if your man is cheating on you? Snooping around in his closet and social media outlets? That’s too risky. If you get caught, he might hate you forever, especially if he actually didn’t cheat on you, and you blatantly accused him of it. Here are 7 signs of an unfaithful man to help you keep an eye out for potential cheater.

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It’s not every day we feel inclined to snoop around through our man’s personal belongings, and really we have no right to. But sometimes, we just wonder, “what if he is?”

However, if you do have a feeling that he is having an affair behind your back, there are certain telltale signs to look for, such as a sudden ego boost or if he starts caring for his appearance differently and being more particular about it.

Maybe your man just needs a change, something we are all entitled to. However, something could be up, especially if he isn’t being as attentive towards you as he usually is.  His slimy, sneaky ways might be at work.

Here are some signs for a cheating man to watch out for, in case he might be looking to replace you.

Potential Signs Of An Unfaithful Man

#1) He Is Avoiding You Like the Plague

There were those times when the two of you used to be all over each other, inseparable even. Now it’s been reduced to you going to bed early while he stays up on the internet(red flag!), or he is going out “with the boys” more so than usual. Now, let’s be realistic, we all need our space. So, just because he wants to hang with the boys or spend some time alone, don’t get panicky just yet.

However, if he is making up excuses out of the blue, to avoid spending any quality time with you, it’s time to ask him what’s really going on. Who knows? It’s probably just stress and a need for an outlet. But, if he gets angry for no reason or he is pushing you away, it might be time to rethink the relationship.

#2) He Looks Better than Usual

Some guys are inherently more high maintenance than others. Then there are guys who could care less about their cleanliness or their shirts being dry cleaned, and the only cologne they own is a sample they picked up out of a magazine.

If your man is the latter, and out of nowhere he turns into David Beckham, that’s a major sign that he might be looking elsewhere. Men like their ego to be boosted so if another woman is piquing his interest, he may be more interested in pleasing her aesthetically than you. When he never makes any effort to look this sexy around you or doesn’t even ask for your input when not too long ago he was a slob, there could be trouble brewing.

#3) His Sex Drive Kicks into High Gear & He Over Compliments

If he is suddenly complimenting you and isn’t usually big on commitments, this could be an indication that he feels guilty about cheating on you with other women. Or vice versa. If his compliments are all of a sudden MIA, then he could be saving them up for another girl. Whatever the reason, a sudden change in behavior is usually a warning sign.

Sometimes stress can lead to a lack of intimacy as well, but if he doesn’t seem to want to have sex, it could very well be because he is getting it elsewhere. If he tries all these new moves in bed, he could be learning them from another female, especially if he’s kind of vanilla most of the time.

#4) He is Mr. Sunshine

Anything can bring on a sudden surge of empowerment or happiness. However, if your man is out of the blue, walking on cloud 9 or if he is grinning from ear to ear every day and he won’t tell you why, that comes off as strange behavior. The new person in his life might have something to do with it.

Is he usually happy, and then becomes angrier than usual?  Or more nervous than his usually even-keeled self?  This could be a sign that has nothing to do with you. The new woman could have made him mad during a heated argument.

Whatever the change may be, if it isn’t the norm or seems out of character, watch out.

#5) Your Gut Tells You So

 Gut feelings are there for a reason. They are our defense mechanisms to leave a potentially dangerous situation. Deep down, if something doesn’t feel right, then pay close attention. It’s our body’s way of letting us know that something isn’t normal.

Ignoring the gut feelings could mean that you are trying to blind yourself from the truth.

Save yourself the heartache and listen to the little voice in your head.

#6) He Starts Fights Out of Nowhere with You

If your man rudely starts fights with you, then he is looking for a cowardly way out.

It gives him a reason to storm over to his other lover.

It’s pretty obvious when someone is trying to start fights just for the sake of it, vs. a fight that starts organically from issues about the relationship. Most guys that care, will listen and stick around.

Not only is the former behavior, immature,  but why would you want someone like that anyway?

#7) Your Partner Lacks Self Esteem

Low self-esteem isn’t always a clear sign that your mate will potentially cheat. However, he could seek solace in someone else who is able to make him feel better about himself.

We naturally seek approval and guidance from other people. If he isn’t talking to you about issues, but gladly talks to other people about them, then he isn’t looking forward to having open communication with you.

If he is complaining to you about yourself, he could already be confiding in someone else.

If you fear that your lover might be stepping out on you, it’s always more direct to simply ask if he is. When found out, in most cases he will likely fess up.

On the other hand, if you feel as though you have to hire private investigators, send him to take lie detector tests and snoop around in his things, it’s time to stop and think if this is the ideal direction for a happy future together.

It’s a smart thing to put your own emotions first and find happiness before making anyone else happy. If your health and mental state are dwindling because of the cheating and lying,  move on and find someone who will appreciate you (check out this guide to learn more about dating). It isn’t worth it in the long run. Or it could just be your imagination.

We want to hear from you! Tell us about a time you felt as though your man might have been cheating. Were you proven wrong and embarrassed about it? If he did cheat, did the two of you mend the relationship and stay together?

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