10 Signs He Is Into You, But Too Shy To Make The First Move

You’re pretty sure he has a crush on you by the way that he looks in your direction. He doesn’t acknowledge it, so you think to yourself, he doesn’t like you after all. Or maybe he does? If you want to know the signs he is into you, keep reading.

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This is the kind of situation where it’s hard to tell whether or not a guy is into you. After all, he does seem to always quickly look away when you catch him staring at you and he always makes a point of inviting you out with him and his friends. So what gives? Does he like you or not?

Here are 10 surefire ways to tell that he is seriously crushing on you but is too bashful to let you know the truth.

10 Signs He is Into You

#1. You Intimidate Him

Whenever you enter the scene, suddenly he gets all sweaty in your presence. He is nervous just to be around you. Consider this a form of flattery as you might use this to your advantage.

Strike up a conversation if he seems to nervous to utter any words. If you like him back, even better. Go with the flow of small talk, then work your way up from there, to interesting conversation.

#2. He Asks Your Friends About You

Usually when a man is too repressed to approach you, he will ask your friends about you, if he is interested enough. Chances are,  your pals are going to relay this message back to you and he knows this, which is why he is asking them to begin with.

This is also a clear sign that he wants to talk to you but is not clear how to approach the situation. Reciprocate back to him if you’d like, with clear messages of interest.

3. He Cleans Up Well

If you notice that he is taking extra care to appear well groomed, this is a clear sign that he is trying to impress you in the looks department. In this instance, it is o.k. to give him a compliment, which might give him that extra boost of confidence that he needs to go further.

Encourage him to be open by commenting how much you love his cologne or his new haircut. Give him credit for trying.

#4. He Can’t Speak Clearly

A shy guy will normally have a hard time speaking up in uncomfortable situations. Unlike more aggressive alpha men, a shy one will usually clam up or perhaps even stutter his words. Don’t laugh at him.

Read between the lines, and if he is unable to speak, have a witty joke or interesting fact at the ready to loosen him up a bit.

#5. He Acts Goofy Around You

For one, a guy who acts silly around you is a good sign. It lets you know that he at least has a sense of humor. A guy who is willing to act foolish around you is probably too afraid to show you his true feelings, so he compensates by being a comedian.

Show that you’re grateful for his efforts by at least laughing at his jokes. A guy who can make you laugh is a keeper and knowing that his efforts payed off will lead to a serious partnership down the road.

#6. He Smiles…A lot

No, he isn’t going crazy, but being around you is driving him insane. If you consistently find him in your line of vision wearing a cheeky grin, then this could be a sign that he is infatuated by you.

He may be unaware that he is even smiling at all. It might seem a bit strange, but trust me, he is really in  like with you.

#7. He Is Everywhere

A guy that is into you will sometimes put forth the effort to ask your friends regarding your whereabouts. Don’t worry, his stalker ways are all in good nature. He is preparing to make his presence known so that you start wondering about him too.

Perhaps, it could also be an attempt to find out what you like to do so that he can propose a first date at one of your favorite hangout spots.

#8. He Texts You

Shy people usually prefer to hold a conversation through the smokescreen of a text, rather than face-to-face. It isn’t that he doesn’t like you, he may find it awkward to speak with you in person, while his full personality is shown through a text through Skype or Facebook chat.

Don’t be discouraged, this is all an attempt for him to get to know you better and might be working up the courage to finally meet with you in person.

#9) He Seems Annoyed with Other Guys

Does he display annoyance whenever a guy flirts with you or you flirt back? This could be a clear sign that a guy is into you. Whether he tells you or not, he is clearly jealous of other suitors.

Does he try to encourage you to hang out with him instead of going on dates? If he were just a friend, he would show no interest at all in what you do.

#10) Random Acts of Kindness

Does he remember the little things, like your favorite movie to watch when you’re having a terrible day or offers that a meal be bought, on him when the two of you are dining out?

Men do not usually do nice things for women that they have no interest in, so take this as a token of his crush on you. If he’s offering to help you get groceries out of the car, or offers to walk your dog, he could be working his way towards a relationship with you. Pay attention, it’s the little things that count. Here’s how to show appreciation for little things.

Shy guys have the same feelings as everyone else, except they need a little more pushing for extra courage to ask you out. It’s not easy expressing feelings for someone, not knowing that they will like you back, so cut him some slack. If you like him, let him know.

Tell us what you think. Has a guy ever clearly been into you, but he never asked you out because he was too shy? Do you think that you should simply ask him out instead? We want your opinions about these signs he is into you.

Article By Julie Redwood

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