8 Ways to Make This the Sexiest Year Ever for You & Your Man

Some people plan out extensive new year’s resolutions for themselves while other elect to forgo the tradition all together. Whichever side you stand on, why not consider heating things up in your love life? Who knows, maybe creating the sexiest year ever for you and your man will spill over into heating up other areas of your life as well! Here are some tips for lighting the fire and keeping it burning throughout the year.

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How to Make This the Sexiest Year Ever for You & Your Man

#1. Hug longer

Happy couple hugging

Hugging can be one of the more tame forms of physical affection, but researchers have found that hugging longer than normal can increase the amount of oxytocin that your body releases. That’s the hormone that is responsible for creating feelings of bonding.

Aim for twenty seconds to really make an impact. Hug more, get closer.

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#2. Make your bedroom more romantic

Flowers by the bed

A lot of people end up spending a lot of time in their bedrooms besides sleep time, TV watching, working, etc.

To get back to treating your bed like a bed, try cleaning up anything in the room that doesn’t support the sexy environment. Photos of your mother can perhaps be sent to the living room instead of on your bedside table. Work stays in the office.

Make your bed everyday and don’t store laundry that needs to be put away at the foot of it, just put it away! Add a few romantic candles by your bedside and even an essential oil diffuser if you like to set the mood right. Amazon has love blend already per-formulated (like these). You can just add these to your diffuser, or to your favorite massage oil 😉

The more you can do to create a sexier environment in the bedroom that is distinctly different from the vibe of the rest of the house, the better.

#3. Send sweet notes

Love note: In your arms, I feel safe and loved.

You don’t have to write the notes by hand, although that can add a special touch. But make it a point to send each other emails, texts, or anything else that are specifically love letter in topic.

This isn’t the moment for going over the grocery list or talking about getting the kids to school tomorrow. Tell him why you love him and mean it. (Even if some days it’s because he does such a good job nailing the list at the grocery store!)

#4. Communicate more in the bedroom

It’s never too late for either party in a relationship to start being more vocal about what they like in bed. This might be sharing fantasies or it might be tweaking a go to move just slightly to give it an extra impact.

When you foster a place for open communication in the bedroom and honor each other’s desires, your sexual bond can grow dramatically.

#5. Add surprises

Surprise - man covering girl's eyes with a gift in his hand

Being a couple over the long term means a lot of real life routine and predictability. To keep things exciting on your end, plan surprises for each other. (Of the good kind of course.)

This might be mixing up what you do for date nights, deciding to join each other for workouts, bringing home dinner unexpectedly, or just switching up your schedule from time to time.

Tell him in the morning he’ll have a surprise later that night to keep him waiting all day. Anything to keep things fresh is going to keep things more fun over the long term.

#6. Get back to basics

Sure, sex is important, but making out and getting a little touchy feely can be just as fun. Remember how exciting things were when all of this stuff was new? Try to keep that feeling alive by not rushing to the main event for the sake of doing it or doing it quickly.

Intimacy is about a lot more than sex, it’s about connecting and expressing.

#7. Give in once in a while

No one like to lose a fight, and we all think we’re right most of the time. But in a relationship one of the most damaging things you can do is to be stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn.

Give in when it’s appropriate and less trouble, and if you’re both heated after a fight try and break the moment with a kiss or a joke. You have to get over it sometime.

#8. Make time for yourself

You spend so much time together as a couple living and making decisions that it can be hard to remember where your individuality lies some of the time. Be sure and make enough time for your own independent lives that you keep your own interests and give each a moment to miss each other.

When you both indulge your own interests you will always have something to come back and show or teach each other as well.

Do you have any other fun tricks for keeping things super sexy that you’ll be incorporating into the new year? Let us know!

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