Best Kept Secrets Of Happy Couples

There are 3 or 4 key elements in any relationship that keep both parties in any relationship happy. No matter who you ask; whether they have been together for decades, years, or just months… they all say the exact same thing. Happy couples sound like broken records because they are happy. It’s time for you to step into the realm of an incredibly happy couple. Let’s start with the basics.

Happy couple in nature

Best Kept Secrets Of Happy Couples

1. Money/Success

The first thing that insanely happy couples enjoy about their life and relationship is that they have worked hard in their career. There is no arguments about money because they have no money issues. If money issues arise; they have a quick way to fix it.

The thing that you need to keep in mind is to always continue moving forward in your career. If you work longer hours during the beginning of your marriage, you are bound to be able to spend more time with each other in a few years due to promotions and pay raise.

When you have money, there are so many more life experiences you are able to enjoy! Just think about fun, vacations, and other traveling experiences.

2. Traveling

The next thing that keeps couples insanely happy is that they have the ability to experience the world first hand. So many people are quick to have children that they are never able to spend some money on themselves. They went straight from school to marriage to family.

No matter how independent we are, most of us strive to have a family. And if it’s by accident – we choose to move forward with the family we have always dreamed of.. minus the bank roll. When you experience the world first hand – you grow and become appreciative of what you already have + more!

3. Fun & Surprises

The essence of traveling is having fun. Happy couples always seem to be having fun. The essence of happiness is love and fun. The best way couples have fun is by being spontaneous in all aspects of their life.

No matter what they are doing… someone always surprises the other one with a small gift, a small treat, or just by something they say, but it still comes as a surprise. Try sitting at a park and watch the couples that seem happy. Something as simple as hanging out at the park makes them happy because they are happy just being together.

4. Intimacy

The last thing that keeps insanely happy couples is intimacy fulfillment on both ends of the deal. If a woman is fully sexually satisfied, everything else is just that much easier. Nothing is more frustrating than not finishing because your guy couldn’t last long enough or didn’t know how to work his equipment.

Sex is such an important part of any monogamous relationship. A man is happy if he’s got food to eat, enough sleep, and a few sexcapades per week.

These are just the essentials of a happy relationship. Of course communication, date nights, and other factors play into being a happy couple but this is a great start!

Best kept secrets of happy couples