5 New Year’s Resolutions For Couples

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to think about ways to make your relationship better. Why not dedicate this next year to improving your relationship with your man? Start off the year by setting some great relationship-themed New Year’s resolutions together. You could even make a whole date night devoted to writing New Year’s resolutions together.

Happy couple

If you’re a bit stumped on where you should both start, check out this list below. I’ve started out with some resolutions that will help strengthen your relationship. I’ve even got some for new relationships (and I haven’t forgotten all of you single folk either!).

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Couples

#1. Help your relationship grow

This is a great general, blanket resolution. If you want to narrow it down some, think about where your relationship foundation might have some cracks:

  • communication problems
  • a lot of bickering
  • decision-making
  • etc.

You can even take some couples’ counseling. Even if you are in a healthy and happy relationship, you could probably benefit from seeing a counselor to help strengthen it even more.

Or, better yet, check out this book where you’ll find 131 creative conversations for couples that will hep you deepen your relationship.

#2. Show more affection and gratitude

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Showing your gratitude for one another is something that normally gets taken for granted once you have been in a relationship for a while. Don’t forget to show each other just how you feel.

Be affectionate. Thank each other for the little things. In fact, why not make a conscious decision to try and thank your man for at least one thing every day? Even if you don’t see each other that day, you can text him with:

“Thanks for always loving me.”

And don’t forget to exchange gifts once in a while. Here are some homemade love gifts you can give.

#3. Make time for each other

Girl in love

I know a lot of new parents. They are tired and have been busy transitioning themselves into caretakers for a wonderful bundle of joy. However, these types of changes in your life also have a way of changing your relationship with your significant other. You’re not just a couple anymore – you’re a family.

With big changes like having a baby and getting a new job, it can be hard for you to make time for one another. However, don’t forget that your relationship needs to be nurtured like your new baby and job.

If you neglect your relationship, it could start breaking down before you know it.

Some wonderful and simple things that you can do are to arrange or schedule a time (even just 10 minutes a day) to spend some quality time together. It could be in bed once you’ve put your new peanut to sleep, or right after work. Talk with each other and touch each other (cuddle and hug one another).

Schedule a date night. Leave baby with your parents for the night (once a week or even once a month) and enjoy each other’s company.

#4. Improve your communication skills

Couple talking

Communication is the key to any type of healthy and happy relationship. Make a resolution to start actively listening to one another. That means that you’re not thinking about the next point you want to make or how you can counter your man’s point. That means that when he is talking, you’re only focusing on his words.

#5. Have more adventures together

Cute couple at the beach, ready for adventure

Not everyone out there has been in a long term relationship. In fact, some of you may be pretty new to each other. If you’re feeling the connection, why not strengthen it and have a little fun at the same time? Dedicate the next year to more adventure with each other.

This isn’t strictly for new relationships either. Going on “adventures” together could help keep the spark in your long term relationship.

Start off by writing a relationship bucket list together.

BONUS RESOLUTION: Enjoy the single life

For those who aren’t in a relationship, why not dedicate this next year to enjoying your single life a little? Do the things that you like to do on your own.

Indulge yourself.

Make a resolution that you will enjoy your time alone while you have it.

When you find yourself in a relationship, you won’t be able to enjoy these things as often anymore, especially your “alone time”. Time to yourself is important when you are in a relationship. You just won’t be seeing it as often anymore.

Who knows? While doing something for yourself (watching a movie, buying a new book, enjoying a hobby), you may meet Mr. Right there. One of the sexiest traits a woman can possess is confidence. And when you are doing something that you love, you ooze confidence. You can also inadvertently be showing off your fun and flirty side at the same time.

However, the point is to focus on you. If you meet Mr. Right, then so be it.

As you ponder over the best New Year’s resolutions for couples you could adopt going forward, I hope my 5 quick ideas help you get your mind going.

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