Is Meetup a Dating Site?

Have you ever thought of online dating as if you were posting personal ads? With the help of the internet, many of us started to advertise ourselves as if it’s some personal ads on sites. Many companies created dating apps and websites to which people can subscribe to meet new matches. With all these algorithms and pieces of information around to find a suited candidate for us to date, it became easier for others to find their partners. It became quick to build and establish feelings and connections to those living miles away from you. And it became socially accepted in a short amount of time.

Have you ever heard of meet up? Well, not the actual going out for a coffee meetup, but the dating site? No? Have you ever heard people asking if it’s a dating site? Well, we’re here to help you answer that. We’ll explain to you what meet up is and how it works. solves questions that every searching people has; “where can I meet potential dates that are single?” At the meetup, they made it a lot easier. Type your email and your name, choose a password, press that enter button? You’re already good to go!

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In a click, you can already find eligible singles near you. You can add other information for extra spice, such as your hometown, gender, birthday, bio, or photo. But those are all optional, so it would always be your call. Unlike other sites that need a complete profile makeover, meetup allows you to hop directly into the fun part! Which is meeting other singles, of course. To get the most out of meetup, you can add interests so that you’ll find someone close to your personality. You can also link your accounts to it and invite your friends to join in the interaction too!

It’s easy to join the site. Therefore it’s also easy to use the search engine of meetup, and your home page features lists of meetups happening in your city. There’s also a calendar that you can use to search for meetups happening on a particular day. You can opt for the “find a meetup group” to browse all of them near your location. Meetup groups are categorized based on interests, tastes, hobbies, so it would be easier to skim through them. Some are even in a cluster of different ages, LGBTQ singles, professionals, and the likes. When you find a group, you’re interested in. You can click “join us” to be a member.

Pros in using meetup:

-It’s a free site. Everyone can use it whenever they want to; there’s no fee that you have to pay when joining or signing up. Although when you want to organize a meetup group, you have to pay a certain fee to group up and keep it running. But aside from those, there are no other fees to cover.

-It’s a popular site with millions of users and over 100,000 topics to check on. 

-The site is easy to use, and it has a friendly interface that caters to every interest one has on a wide range and variety. It’s easy to divide the clusters into gender preferences, including the type of relationship status you want.

Cons in using meetup.

-Meetup is free, but initiating and organizing your group may associate with fees like the above. The success will also depend on whether or not people find your cluster or theme interesting. So it would help if you kept an eye on that before you bring out money on the table.

The number of apps and sites developed throughout the years has expanded immensely. There are sites where you have to fit into a specific role before you can subscribe, but meetup is flexible and allows you to connect right away.

Meetup is one of those sites that cater to different subgroups and clusters to fit your demands. So, if we are going back to the question if meetup is a dating site? Yes, it is- but it’s not only stuck on that. Because as mentioned earlier, you can state the relationship status you want to find.

Therefore it’s not only romantic relationships that can develop through time in meetup sites. There could also be possible friendships or even family that you can find and interact with. It may not just rely solely on dating, but there’s no denying that it’s indeed a dating site. Because of its features, meetup has many possibilities opened for the users, which is a great advantage.

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Who knows if one can find the love of their life in one of meetup’s groups? You may even find a job tailored for you in meetup! The good thing about their site and interface is that it creates wonders for every user. It gives the user control and the ability to filter out and pick whatever they prefer and seek.

It’s as if meetup opens multiple doors and opportunities where you can maneuver yourself. They don’t force you to enter only once, but several ones that you can tailor and change to your preference and liking. It’s as if meetup gives you the chance to explore and grow as an individual as well.

It’s somehow encouraging you to do something you’ve never done. It’s inviting you to try new things, to hang out with people that have the potential to bring out the best in you. This is brilliant because it doesn’t just fit into the category of finding a romantic relationship. You can also use it to make you be the best version of yourself, to make you feel comfortable. It even establishes the connection to find people you can relate to, which is a big help.

Meetup can be something unexpected. It can also be a life-changer for you, but you must be aware and careful of who you go out with, no matter how inviting it may sound. Meetup is not only focused on forming dates. It also opens possibilities.