5 Inexpensive Date Ideas You’ll Never Forget

Inexpensive date ideas don’t have to be hard! If you’re looking for a great way to have fun on your date that won’t break the bank, why not check out these simple date ideas to see how you can have fun together within your budget!

Couple on a date in nature


Girls, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to spend some romantic time out on the town with your man, here are a few surefire ways to have an unforgettable date!

Whether you just met a few weeks ago or you’ve been together for years, it’s important to take time out and keep the romance going, even if it is on a budget!

Inexpensive Date Ideas You’ll Never Forget

#1 Wineries

Wine glasses

Most boutique wineries will give you a sampling of each of their popular vintages for a few dollars and sometimes for free!

A good wine tasting tends to bring out a great conversation without getting too tipsy and sets a relaxed but classy tone for the rest of the day. Try an afternoon date at a winery and if you’ve got a good vibe going, you’ll be done in time to go out to dinner.

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#2 Roller Skating

Pair of roller skates

Ladies, you know how guys bond through sports? Get him to loosen up with a little rough and tumble time at the local roller skating rink. Admission isn’t much, and for a few bucks, you can rent a pair of skates. Don’t forget your kneepads, and even if you wipe out, keep radiating confidence – have a blast!

#3 Check Out a Local Cultural Center

Colorful city buildings

Do you girls ever wish you could transport to another country for an evening? In most metropolitan areas, you can usually find several cultural centers representing countries around the world. Usually, they have a bar or restaurant that is open a few nights a week. Drink prices are low and a one-of-a-kind experience is guaranteed.

#4 Go Bowling On a Weeknight

Bowling alley

There’s always been something romantic to me about a weeknight date – you’re both looking forward to seeing one another so much that you’ll carve time out of your busy weekday schedule to make it happen.

Check first to make sure that it’s not a league night at your local bowling alley, otherwise, you may have to wait a while for a lane. It’s typically a fraction of the cost to bowl on a weeknight, plus some healthy competition always spices things up!

#5 Check Out Your Nearest State Park

Beautiful landscape at the park

Get outside and check out a state park in your area – you can find maps of their hiking trails online, and usually, a one-day vehicle pass runs about $5. If you have a dog, bring it along! Watching someone interact with your pup is a great way to gauge his character and personality.

If you’ve got enough time, pack a picnic lunch to take along – if you’re going to be walking a bit, make sure your picnic basket (or paper bag) isn’t too heavy! This picnic basket for 2 has everything you need. A long nature hike with your guy can be a peaceful escape to talk and make some memories.

But ladies, be warned: if you’re not totally into the guy, it could be a very long walk back to the car.

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