How To Tell If He Is The One – 5 Ways To Be Sure

Are you getting to that point in your relationship where you’re wondering if he might just be “The One?” Girls, I know how exciting it can be when you think you’ve found your man – that “Ah ha! At last!” moment is the one we look forward to all of our lives. Here’s how to tell if he is the one: a few things to ask yourself when you’re wondering if you’ve finally met the man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

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How To Tell If He Is The One

#1) Can you be yourself with him?

Not in the general acquaintance sense, although I’d hope you actually know the guy! Does he know everything about you? The good, the bad and the downright crazy?

If you’re with someone that you can completely be yourself around, who knows what makes you tick and can be trusted with your darkest secrets, you might just have yourself a keeper.

#2) Can he make you laugh?

Being a plain old class clown isn’t going to do the trick: it’s having someone to laugh WITH that makes all the difference. And believe me ladies, there’s a big difference between being laughed at and laughed with! Laughing together strengthens relationships. If you and your man have a similar sense of humor, you’ll navigate stressful situations together more positively.

Does he speak your love language? You have no idea how much this matters! This book is the best to learn about love languages.

#3) Does he put in as much effort as you do?

An unemployed partner can throw up a red flag for you, but take the situation into account: if it’s a health issue or an unexpected layoff, its understandable. A good guy is going to be doing his best to get back on his feet.

More importantly, it’s essential to have a partner that puts the same amount of time and effort into your relationship and your combined lives as you do. If one person in the relationship is pulling all the weight, resentment will build up eventually. But if you’re both giving your all, you’ve got the golden ticket to a great relationship.

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#4) Do you have similar visions for your life?

Let’s face it, if you’re climbing up the executive ladder and his dream is to start a farm and live off the land, you both need to be willing to compromise if you want it to work.

As long as you’re both open and willing to find the middle ground on your dreams, it might be perfect – opposites attract!

But if those dreams conflict and neither of you will budge, you might be looking at a nightmare instead of marital bliss.

#5) Did he have you at hello?

It’s true – sometimes love grows slowly, and you won’t even realize what hit you. But usually when you fall head-over-heels in love with someone, there’s something about them that’s unlike anyone else to you, and you’ll notice pretty quickly.

If he’s no more interesting to you than any of your other friends, you might have a hard time appreciating him long term. But if you feel that spark with him, you’ve got a way better shot at happily ever after!

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