How to Know If You’re a Bad Kisser

Are you curious to tell how to know if you’re a bad kisser? Believe it or not, there are ways to tell. We’ll go over the signs that you need to look for when it comes to kissing your better half. You may not be as great a kisser as you thought!

Ladies; we judge a man and the chemistry you share with him by the way he kisses you. A lot of men don’t know how to kiss properly and will slobber all over you.. it can even feel like they are trying to eat your lips while making out.

Well; there’s a lot of women out there that don’t know how to properly kiss. Don’t worry – let’s discuss some signs you’re a bad kisser.

Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

There are some clear signs that you are a bad kisser but your partner doesn’t have the nerve to actually tell you.

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Kiss You – The number one sign to notice is that your partner doesn’t want to kiss you as much as you want to be kissed. That way, he doesn’t have to suffer through the awkwardness that is kissing you.

2. Your Partner Doesn’t Kiss You For Extended Periods Of Time – The next sign is that your partner may kiss you – but he’s not going to want to have a make-out session with you. He’ll suffer through the first couple minutes but then he’ll want to come up for air.

3. Honesty – If you have a true life partner, he’s not going to be afraid to tell you that you’re a bad kisser. This is the best way to find out because then you can find ways to enhance and improve your kissing techniques.

4. Bumping Noses – Bumping noses and teeth is not very sexy when it comes to kissing. It’s incredibly awkward but most importantly; it’s rather annoying when trying to get into the mood.

How To Improve Your Kissing Technique

The best way to improve your kissing technique is to practice with your partner. Let him know that you know you are a bad kisser and you want to improve it. He will most likely be very receptive because then it won’t be a sufferable experience for him.

The next way to improve your technique is to do research on numerous styles of kissing. Watch some romantic movies or romance films that have passionate kissing in it. Some of the scenes will be extremely awkward while others captured the sheer essence of passion/romance. Try to recreate that scene with your partner.

The last way to improve your kissing is to follow your partner’s lead. He’s the man and just like with dancing; he should take the lead. Don’t open your mouth wider than his and make sure your lips are always on his.

Essentially; kissing is an art form in itself. Make sure to perfect it and your relationship may rekindle a flame you thought went out.