How To Have A Great Marriage That Rocks

Figuring out how to have a great marriage doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It can be as easy as following a few simple tips that can take your marriage from good to great. Cheers to having a happy marriage with your loved one!

Marriage is a slippery slope, or so it seems in this day and age. People hurry up to get married just to grow as a person and realize their marriage was actually a mistake. Back in the day, separation was barely an option. They would try every single way to improve it before giving it the ax.

But for those of you who have a good marriage, there’s always something missing. The guy could be great, don’t get me wrong ladies, but there’s a spark that becomes dull as the marriage length becomes longer.

So it’s time to get that spark back in your marriage from a good one to a great one! You’ll feel happier, healthier, and be a much more enjoyable couple to be around when you have a great marriage. Here are some steps to create this great marriage.

How to Have a Great Marriage for Life


To create this amazingly great marriage, both your man and yourself have to keep the lines of communication open. I’m not just talking about things that are bothering you. I’m also talking about being 100% open and honest with your person.

If he’s really frustrating you today, let him know. If he’s staring at another woman’s butt, tell him you don’t appreciate it. If he makes you feel like a million bucks and extra special, give him a thankful kiss.

The most important part of a relationship is to continue to create an open and honest line of communication so nothing goes unsaid. That’s one of the biggest regrets people have when they are on their death bed… that they never said enough. Don’t even have that on your list.


This one is very important. It’s vital to have separate interests but it’s also a great bonding experience when you get to share your interest with your partner. Men probably aren’t going to be very fond of knitting but if you love to knit and create stuff, give him something you created!

[Knit ties are very in right now for men.]

Or if your man is interested in sports but you just can’t shake the idea of sitting with him and watching sports when he has the guys over for a game… make sure to bring the guys some appetizers so he knows you still care about his interests.

Try this exercise: If your man is incredibly passionate about something, like sports, find out WHY he loves it. Once you hear his honest answer, maybe you’ll learn to love it a little more too.


The last key to bringing your marriage from good to great is to have an air of spontaneity in your relationship. Instead of wanting to just go off and take a day trip somewhere… tell him to get in the car and just drive.

Or you could always go buy a new sexy pair of lingerie and cook him a delicious meal (if you don’t normally cook). Keeping the element of surprise is crucial in any relationship – especially a marriage. It shows both of you that you still care about your relationship and want to keep it strong.