How to find hidden dating profiles

Have you ever been curious about other people’s dating life? Ever wondered if they tried dating sites before they got in a stable relationship? Well, there’s a lot of ways to find out if they’ve hidden their dating profiles.

Now there may be some pros and cons in trying to find out profiles of people you meet. Before jumping to other sections, here are some of the pros and cons of searching for hidden profiles.

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You’ll know if someone’s cheating on you.

Well, it’s tough, especially if you’re in a new relationship that’s been going on recently. Searching for someone’s hidden dating profile can help you know if your partner is loyal to you. Although it may seem weird and suspicious at first, sometimes it can be helpful to bust who can be a cheater.

You can stay safe before going into online dating sites.

Before you go ahead and sign up, create profiles, and dive into conversing with people? You may want to search for hidden dating profiles because you’re saving yourself already by doing so. From what, you may ask? Potential cheaters, scammers, and such. 

If you take your time to search for profiles? You may even see a random thread online such as Twitter, where people expose other dating platform users. Some pretend and fake their age, contacts, and such, and it turns out they can be groomers, pedophiles, and manipulators.

You may look a little crazy.

Now doing these types of things may spark something in you. Note that searching to know something is very different from stalking. There is a possibility that you may get addicted to searching for information, so don’t do that.

If you’re doing this for your very personal reasons with a meaning behind them? Don’t continue to do so. It would already be a breach of other’s privacy.

What do I need to search for hidden dating profiles? 

Now that you may be curious about it, you may also ask, ‘what do I need to search for these?’ Well, first of all, you will be needing the following:

Searching Skills: 

Searching can take a serious amount of your time. Although it may seem a little easy because you only have to type and click? It’s tedious because you can’t just believe whatever comes up. You need to have searching skills to find what’s valid and what’s not.

Patience and Dedication:

Now, as mentioned above earlier? We need patience and dedication in here to make things work. It takes a lot of time to just search, type, paste, and click━ you also need to filter the pieces of information out. Whether it is reliable, related, or not, you have to be careful about it.

It will take up a lot of your time, and it may tire you out as well. To some, it can be draining whenever they try to learn new things, and it’s almost the same. Also, spending too much time on your device can make your head hurt as well.


Now, you need to have a basic understanding of who you’re searching for. You need to have their name, contact number, email, photo, and other social media accounts. You need to conduct a starting research; the more background details you have, the more you can find out.

How to find hidden dating profiles?

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Use search engines

First off is to have your device with you and start to use search engines. There are a lot, like google, it can lead you to the things you search for; it’s the primary step to find someone on the internet.

You can use their names to find a hidden dating profile.

You can also start by searching their name or nicknames on the search engines to increase accuracy. Results such as accounts may show, but some dating profiles only include nicknames or usernames. Be careful with it.

Do a photo search.

Since the internet works like magic, you can provide a picture and use it for your searching. The engine will do comprehensive research for you, looking for similarities to the ones you uploaded. This is helpful when you don’t know other information, such as the name of the person.

Use phone and email when searching.

Lucky for us, phone numbers and email are unique for every person. You can easily find a person by typing their emails and numbers on websites and even social media platforms! Especially when they linked it to other accounts, you can effortlessly search for all of them in one go.

With that information, you must keep in mind that stalking and searching are far different from each other. If you don’t know the thin line that separates them, you shouldn’t proceed in doing these. Remember that privacy is paramount no matter what the deal may be. 

And if you just search continuously without any acceptable matter, or without any consent of the other person? Then you’re by-passing their private space, and they may report you for that. Know that invading their privacy can make them feel uncomfortable in so many ways.

There may also be a reason why they chose to hide their profiles. One way to solve your curiosity is to ask them directly about it too. In that way, you would not have to go through all the troubles of searching for hours. Also, searching for inactive or hidden profiles doesn’t always work 100%.

But if you have the dedication to find someone, make sure you do it for valid reasons. Keep in mind that there may also be a reason as to why their profile is hidden. You don’t want to shake things up unnecessarily, so it’s better if you just ask them directly. 

In that way, you can both know what’s happening to the other party safely. If you want to find yourself a date, you can simply ask other people to find someone for you. Or you can try dating too. Just remember to search at your own risk.