How Many Dates Should it Take Before a Kiss?

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Have you ever gone out on a date? If yes, how did it go? Was it “good” or “alright?” If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced dates yet, you may be thinking, “How do people spend their time on their first date?” “how do they make it romantic? do they kiss?” And if you want to spice it up, do you also wonder how many dates it usually takes before you can ask your partner for a kiss? 

Alright, we can’t emphasize it enough as to how stressful and confusing it is to go on a date and not know if you’re allowed to kiss by the end of the day or not. Although you might have shared a few common grounds and some touchy-feely vibes, there’s still no assurance whether you can kiss that person, right? Because kisses convey feelings to the person you’re dating or to the person you admire. Kisses are part of intimacy, and there are different types to it, along with several meanings.

Although, asking how many dates it should take before kissing your partner? There doesn’t seem to be a right answer to the question. It’s up to your agreement with your date whether both of you are comfortable doing it because some people aren’t born to kiss on their first date. If you want to keep it mysterious and leave a few things to look forward to, then you might want to play smart and wait for a few dates before you lean in for a kiss.

It’s not that complicated; however, kissing on the first date isn’t made for everyone because every connection and couple is different. Always remember that consent is vital in all aspects and cases because not everyone is fond of “feeling” the moment. Sometimes it is best to create spaces and allow everything to go naturally on dates. Always know where to stand and make yourself clear and transparent about what you want and the things you like.

Indicate your real intention and feelings to your date before proceeding into something intimate and ensure that both parties are okay with a set agreement. Make sure that everything is well. If your partner allows you to kiss, that’s good! If they don’t, that’s alright too, don’t force things to happen in a snap of a finger because it’s better to be comfortable around each other first.

There are several types of kisses that you can try, such as kisses on the cheek indicate endearment and affection, while forehead kisses show admiration, trust, and respect. Hand kisses mean that they care for you and that they’re interested in you. And a peck on the lip can tell they like you or that they’re suggesting something to you. Kissing is a great way to show your other half that you love them and you intend to offer a more incredible emotion for them.

Ultimately, it’s always up to you whether you’re cool with doing things on your dates. If you want to kiss on your first date, and your partner thinks the same, then it’s alright to do so. Go ahead and indulge. If you prefer to wait until you feel an emotional bond or connection with your partner, it’s okay too. I suggest you consider why you want to kiss your date or your potential love interest first. If you want to kiss them because you feel safe or feel good doing so, it’s probably alright for you to ask them about it. But if you’re going to kiss because you’re afraid that your date might reject or lose feelings for you if you don’t, or if you feel pressured doing it, you might want to reconsider because of the degree of chemistry you experience when you first kiss. It may be an indicator of compatibility with a potential partner.

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It doesn’t matter whether you kiss on the first, the third, even the tenth date because everything depends on your call. Know that there’s nothing wrong with kissing on your first date in today’s age, and kissing doesn’t need to be fancy for it to happen. If the first kiss was a little awkward, it means your partner had a lot at stake, which means they might actually like you because sometimes they will think that a simple kiss might mean a lot than others. Some people may not want to kiss you on your dates because they might want to establish a deeper connection with you. Or perhaps, it’s because they don’t want to startle you and make you think that making out is all that they want from you. Clarity is necessary because no matter how essential kissing is on dates and romantic relationships, your feelings, intentions, and honesty will make a massive account of it. If you’re not feeling it or don’t see yourself on a long ride with the person, don’t proceed to take things intimately because it is crucial for people to be upfront with one another and themselves.

So the answer is, there are no real or even magic numbers for it. It depends on what you feel and what you want. It’s fair to test the waters on your dates to make sure that it can be a potential partner for you. But if you’re going for a long run on the relationship you’re searching for, it’s better to keep things simple because some aren’t expecting a physical interaction in an instant. After all, some prefer to have a stable ground first before giving into intimacy, and to some, they value whatever it is that they offer and get. It’s always a surprise to some people because to some; it happens most awkwardly and unexpectedly. It’s hard to put a number on it because it would depend on the situation and connection, as well as the level of comfort and chemistry you both have for each other. There’s nothing wrong with asking or even trying as long as both parties consented to do it.