Dating Girls of the Same Height

Our society has set this idea that a perfect couple comprises the tall man and the short woman, and our community also placed this notion that girls only date those who are taller than them and that guys prefer to date shorter girls. It often creates the feeling for other couples that they don’t fit the set standards, but have we ever considered those girls and guys who like to date someone of the same height? Because just like the rest of our physical features, height shouldn’t be a basis for us to use to be friends or lovers with someone.

woman wearing sunglasses and bikini front of man standing near seashore

The “tall-boy” feat “short-girl” couple is not the only cute thing that can showcase a cute or perfect relationship. Height doesn’t necessarily add anything to a particular relationship, nor does it escalate whatever you have with your partner. Dating someone with the same size as yours can be just as perfect, even though the media doesn’t give much limelight to it. The following are the perks of dating boys and girls of the same height.

1. 24/7 Ideal comfort level.

Let’s all be honest, those photos surfacing online where the girl goes on her tippy-toes to peck the tall guy’s lips or the ones where the tall person crouch or bends for the short one to reach is adorable‒ point taken. But who likes to hold the uncomfortable neck or spine-breaking pose forever? Forget bending down or picking your girl up. Dating someone the same height as you will give you a 24/7 comfortable kissing level; you can always expect a smooch or a peck from them because the size provides easier access to their face every time.
man kissing woman's forehead

It’s also a bonus because you can always hug your partner with ease whenever you wanted to, and the same goes for holding hands or locking arms when crossing the street. It doesn’t take too much effort to throw your arms and place them on your partner’s shoulders, and it also doesn’t take time to give and tease them with hair patting and ruffling as well as whispering words to their ears. It’s also not that dreadful to make sure that both of you are covered when carrying the umbrella because it’s the exact safe position because of your similar height. You can also take turns!

2. You can share the whole wardrobe.

Dating someone of the same height as yours have this golden perk where you can share your entire wardrobe with them. Sure, the oversized tees would always look cute and always seem to be some “goals,” but not having to be stressed about what you can wear when you forget your extra clothes is better‒ and not to break it to you. Still, your partner’s shirt would seem like your own, and you can flaunt it without any hassle of it being fit or with it being too long or too cropped and short.

3. Taking photos is easy.

woman try to kiss man while holding smartphone

We don’t have to experience the terrifying numbing and muscle aching moments of trying to fit each other inside a single frame for a single photo. When dating someone of the same height, no matter where one is standing, it’s easy to shuffle on your feet and find a spot where both of you can easily fit. There are no complicated angles or awkward hand and feet positioning and bending. It naturally comes as if it’s the perfect angle without trying so hard about it. Usually, no selfie-sticks are required.

4. It proves a point that height isn’t a necessity in a relationship.

Dating someone of the same height proves to both of the people that sizes aren’t necessary for a relationship. Height doesn’t necessarily equate to a perfect relationship. It doesn’t make it healthy or ideal, and it doesn’t make it long-lasting for both of you. Most of us have been trained subconsciously by society that taller men are supposedly better than the short ones and that it’s better to date shorter girls with the stigma that they’re less intimidating. And those things came from the judgment and preferences that the media and the society created; people can trade personal opinions, and changes will always be present. Height and looks don’t give the essence to a perfect date or relationship, and there’s not that much of a difference if you’ll look into it.

When you’re dating someone, you want to look for your potential significant other’s internal attributes. When you truly love someone, the physical characteristics only come off as a bonus because what matters the most is the personality and the feelings that your partner can offer and show. Because in the end, one can never have complete control over one’s height. It’ll just end up as a matter of numbers, and it will only serve as a matter of preferences on the first half of your first few dates. It will hardly matter when you’re in a relationship that means a lot and when it gets built into a solid foundation.

Nowadays, no one truly cares about height anymore as long as they can go to someone who means a lot to them and to the ones who love them equally the way they do. It’s not something to pick on on a severe note because it’s not that intense to serve as an issue in a relationship. It’s your relationship, and things will all boil down to how serious the person is when it comes to their love for you. When you managed to find love, the height, and other physical attributes wouldn’t be too much of a big deal.

In all honesty, following society’s set standards for yourself and a relationship isn’t necessary. They implied that men have to be taller, and women have to be shorter, that the mixture looks better most of the time. But in reality, it doesn’t work like that. Because as long as you have feelings for the person, you can always go for it. Height wouldn’t matter after you fall in love.