College Girls Dating High-school Boys

“Age is just a number.”

The phrase mentioned is a hot topic for debates and arguments when people bring it into a conversation. Is it that big of a deal when you’re going for a stable relationship?

For some people, yes absolutelyit does. They think that age contributes to their relationship and that it’s a factor to consider for their compatibility. Sometimes, girls prefer someone older than them, and in other situations, it’s vice versa. But sometimes, people ignore the age gap they have with their partner since they believe their connection is essential.

People fall in love with the similarities they have with another. People tend to relate more with those closer or even same as their age than those who are not, research indicates that couples tend to differ in age by about three years and men tend to be older. Age differences can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable because it generates self-consciousness, especially when it’s a tremendous gap. The public would be too quick to notice. One will be cautious about other people’s ideas that would lash them, especially when the holes are too observable.

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Family, peers, and other relationships can affect a teenager’s development. As a teen or a high-schooler, understanding one’s self is vital. You’ll start seeing the differences in your independence, identity, and self-esteem. 

It means you’ll have an understanding of how to act for yourself as you rely on your analysis, intuition, and judgment processing. Physical changes in a teenager’s body would occur and as it changes. Thoughts would appear, and the teenager will become more thoughtful about what they want to do and who they want to be. 

The male-to-female interactions in romantic relationships would be influenced by social and cultural aspects and curiosity. During the adolescent period, the current struggles of teens to gain control over their urges arises, which may lead to impulsive behaviors and unwanted actions.

With that laid, there is a mentioned rule of thumb: take the older person’s age, halve it, and add 7. For example, if you’re 20, you can date people around 17 and above. Most of the time, our society thinks it’s tolerable when it’s men dating younger rather than women dating younger. For example, you’re a college girl who’s dating a high-school boy. 

If your significant other happened to be someone willing to look past the age gap, you have lesser problems to think of regarding the “but he/she said” idea. Before going into a relationship with someone younger, you should meet their families first and ask yourself, “are they going to be okay with the setup or idea?”

And most of the time, you should always ask you’re significant other if:

 He or she is okay about a particular setup or decision.

Always take consideration of what they want, or if they gave you a solid approval. Don’t forget to ask their opinions, or if they’re going to change their mind about something.

– He or she is comfortable with an idea.

Always remember to not force the younger one on doing something that you wish to. Take it that it’s your responsibility if something happens. Always think twice about the consequences and effect it will have on both you and your partner.

Just because their parents and society frown on the idea of your relationship does not mean you should avoid it. We don’t recommend going on a discrete relationship as it might get you in deeper trouble. Still, instead, you should acknowledge the concept of pursuing them that your intentions are safe, and you may also want to follow some rules that they’ll set.

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The bottom line for this is all about legality, honesty, and consent. 

Feelings and connections would be an ‘alright’ basis. For example, a 2-3 year gap isn’t that big, but it’s something to note; if the gap is massive— it’s normal to reconsider the idea before jumping into a relationship. In some countries, when the other person is 18, and above, they’re already an adult, it can be considered a crime to date someone younger or someone under the age of consent. The parents of the younger ones can choose to file a case against you quickly, so you should also consider that.

The approval on all sides is supposed to be taken into consideration, especially the minors’ parents. There are instances where the younger can get swayed easily. And it’s normal for the family to worry about their child. There may also be chances to think that the younger can’t create decisions independently, especially when it’s a tremendous age gap we’re touching on.

Since both of you’re in a much better position to decide, choose whatever it is that’s safer and wiser. It would also help show the parents that you’re a good person who can help their child be a better version of themselves. You should set an example for them in the relationship. Tell them your experiences in life, assist and give them advice on what they should and shouldn’t do, and ask them to do their priorities first.

It would help both of you lead yourselves in a healthy environment while growing as an individual. Could you aid them in establishing independence? Could you be someone that can inspire them? If you think you’re someone worthy of the person, then prove it to everyone—a relationship with someone younger than you can be heavier than those around your age.

Age gaps can be considered as a struggle for every individual when it comes to love and relationship. It is a matter of serious conversations to tackle, and it can cause a lot of misunderstandings. If you can prove that your intention is clean, it would be less of a burden for you as the elder in the relationship. As long as you don’t bypass their privacy and you don’t drive them into a corner where you’re forcing them to do something out of their own will? You’re going to be okay.