3 Simple Ways To Capture His Heart

Are you wanting to capture his heart so that he’s yours forever? These simple tips can help make that happen. With just a little bit of effort, you might be able to have the relationship and man of your dreams.

Men are as simple-minded as you think they would be. Their brain is wired for roughly 4 things: sex, sleep, eating, and video games. They are always impressing us with their lack of knowledge of much else – but they are fun to have around.

So we need to keep ourselves entertained by giving him reasons to say “Holy sh*t! She gets me! She’s like my soulmate”. Most of the time; we are just putting on a facade to keep him happy but some times we are actually genuine. It just depends on the kind of woman you are.

Looking to make his jaw drop? Let’s talk about 3 unique ways to make his heart flutter and to make him fall in love with you all over again.

Simple Ways to Capture His Heart

Enjoy His Hobbies

When it boils down to it ladies; the only way you’re actually going to spend time with your man is while doing something he enjoys. 90% of the time; this means video games. It doesn’t matter how old they are, what profession they are in, or how successful they are; they always love their video games.

The way you will get to spend quality time with him is to learn how to play video games on the platform he enjoys playing. It may seem like a little thing to you, but he’s going to thoroughly enjoy that you love spending time with him doing the hobby he loves.

He’s definitely going to be surprised but don’t you be surprised if he’d rather play Call of Duty instead of going to the bedroom with you.

Make Him Lunch or After Work Dinner

The next thing you could do is to cook an elegant dinner or to have his lunch prepared for him by the time he has to leave for work. Men think about very little until they can fully wake up. Making lunch is not going to be a priority.

So if you had it prepared by the time he went to work; it would definitely send him in a tailspin. On top of that; if he came home to a wonderfully smelling dinner on a random day.. he may think he forgot your anniversary. Once he realizes it was just because you wanted to treat him – he’s definitely going to ask to see the honey-do list.