Bad Dating Habits To Ditch Before Your Next Date

Do you have bad dating habits? If so, you need to be aware of them and get rid of them before your next date! These simple tips can make your next date as best as it possibly can be.

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Whether you are a habitual dater or just enjoy the casual dating scene, there are habits that we’ve picked up along the way from either bad/sour dates or from something we’ve seen while watching television.

You always get together with your girlfriend after a bad date to talk about all the bad habits he had. Guess what – the men aren’t the only ones in the wrong here. There are numerous bad dating habits that you need to get rid of before going on your next date.

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Bad Dating Habits That You Need To Ditch Fast

1. Make A Decision

The first thing that you have to realize is that men don’t know exactly what you’re thinking. If he asks you if you would like another drink, would like to look at the dessert menu, or even asking what your favorite restaurant is to plan the actual date. Stop leaving him at the mercy of his own choices.

Some men don’t know within 2 minutes if you are vegetarian, or if you just recently cut out carbs and want to stay clear of Italian restaurants, or if you’re a recovering alcoholic, etc all before the first date. Stop saying things like, “I don’t care”, “It’s up to you”, or even answering their question with your own question; “Does dessert sound good to you?”.

Just make a decision. If this becomes a numerous date event then the more you get to know each other the more the guy will have to play around with to make his own decisions. If you’re just going to get frustrated by the time he calls for a second date and he asks what you think you should do, he may change his mind.

2. Talking Too Much/Not Enough

The next habit that you have to really be careful about is talking too much about you and your life. Let the man guide the conversation. If he can’t think of some questions to ask you, ask him about himself! Just because he’s treating you on a date doesn’t mean that you can’t find out more about him.

While talking too much can be detrimental to your date, talking too little is also a deal-breaker and a habit you need to fix. A guy isn’t going to want to keep firing off questions like he is interviewing a client.

Let the conversation flow as it should. Don’t try to force something but don’t let the conversation always be one-sided. If you can make it to the point where you talk evenly and answer each other’s questions, you’ll have snagged a second date.

3. Getting The Most Expensive Menu Items

The last habit I’m going to talk about is one that a lot of habitual dating women do and it’s incredibly cruel. If a guy is genuinely interested in learning more about you and is taking you to a nice restaurant, don’t get the most expensive menu items.

Nothing will ruin a date faster than a woman who orders multiple cocktails at $25 a glass and a $75 entree all while expecting to see a dessert menu. This isn’t about unleashing the demon within and getting all you’ve ever wanted to get yourself but didn’t want to spend the money for them.

Enjoy a nice dinner with a drink or 2 – it’s about finding out who you are as a person. If he offers to get you another drink, great! Otherwise… get water.

If you didn’t have a great date the week before and now you’re attacking the next guy on your date list, you shouldn’t be out dating until you get over the prior date.

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