Looking for Advice for Newly Engaged Couples? Here are 5 must knowtips!

If you’re here for advice for newly engaged couples, there are some great tips for you to hear!

Newly engaged couple

Congratulations on your engagement! You finally got the proposal you were waiting for. You are sure he’s the one! This is an exciting time for you and your partner as you head down the path of love and commitment forever.

As a newlywed, you are no longer a single person, in the ideal sense, but now you are one with your significant other. As you gain more perspective from a marriage standpoint, you will find that some things will be a little different and some will remain the same.

If you are a little unsure of the next step to take now that you are tying then knot, not to worry, we are here to help keep things in perspective.

Simple Advice for Newly Engaged Couples

#1) You’re Not Alone

Now that you are getting your nuptials all situated, you might want to consider taking a breather for a while before jumping on the wedding train right away. Weddings are great, however, you want to spend a little time with your man and focus on the relationship in the time being.

You’re probably wondering if you should wait. You did say yes to the proposal for a reason after all. Well, the engagement is a way for the two of you to seal the deal that you will get married. Now that you know you are going down that path, taking your time to get finances, emotions, and family drama out of the way before taking the plunge, is a great way to not deal with all that.

Just focus on your wedding day once it arrives.

#2) Don’t Let Your To-Do List Pile Up

Have you set a wedding date yet? If so, great! Hopefully, you and your partner have saved up enough for the wedding so that you have everything you need and want. With that in mind, it’s a good time to start making purchases, ordering the cake, creating a registry and so forth to have it out the way so that you are not in a big hurry to get things done closer to the date.

Also, you don’t want to book everything too far in advance in case you change your mind about decorations, the dress, etc. Instead, giving yourselves a 3-month window is optimal being that it is enough time to get sorted out, but not too short that you barely have time to get everything planned.

#3) Family & Friendly Helpers

Choosing family and friends is a great way to relieve some of the stress of yourself when handing a wedding if you cannot afford a wedding planner. If they are willing to help, allow them. There’s a saying that you’re not only marrying your partner but the family as well.

Choose a maid of honor, someone who will assist you in prepping on your big day so that you aren’t scrambling around before walking down the aisle. Come up with a way to gently tell the person you love, but don’t necessarily want their help, that you would be happier if they remained out of the way. This day is about you and everything should be perfect or close to it at least.

#4) Consider His Plans

It goes without saying that weddings are all about the bride. However, the groom is just as important too. Don’ just plan everything without his input. Get him in on the festivities and allow him to put some of his tastes into the wedding. If they are too out there for the ambiance that you have in mind, come up with a compromise that will incorporate some of his ideas, while keeping with the theme that you would like to have.

Aside from that, remember to consult with him on the budget. Although the father of the bride traditionally pays for the wedding, this might not be the case for the two of you. If you decide to share the funds in how much you will spend for the wedding, respect his wishes of how much he would like to contribute, even if there isn’t enough for the lavish, royal wedding replica that you want.

#5) Prenuptial For Thought?

You’re probably used to hearing about prenuptial agreements in the headline of magazines. They are associated with bickering couples who battle over who gets what during a heated divorce. But contrary to popular belief, prenups can actually do some good for the sake of sanity.

A prenup is simply an agreement that basically states that whatever assets you had before your marriage will remain yours after the marriage ends. Its a way of protecting yourself and your assets, especially if there is an untrustworthy partner who tries to take everything.

It’s something that all couples who are planning on tying the knot must go through. Some, however, choose not to sign the ubiquitous document.

As a newly engaged woman, you are entering an exciting and important time in your life. For years to come as you head towards matrimonial bliss, you’ll be thankful you had these helpful tips.

How about you? What did you do to prepare for your impending wedding as an engaged woman? Did you and your partner sign a prenuptial agreement? Tell us your story!

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